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The Commute and the infamous joint ring!

Hey Dudes!!!! It's time for another round of Disability friendly products!! Last time you learned about my favorite DFP The Otto. Meet the Sesh Gear Commute.

The dry herb vaporizer that can fit in the palm of your hand. ….Vaporizers are the safest and best way to get the most out of your medicine. The commute is by far my favorite vape rig. It’s super portable and easy to use and they come in an array of different colors. Not to mention totally affordable. “The SeshGear Commute Dry Herb Vaporizer features True convection heating, Pure ceramic heating chamber, 30 second heat time, Increased air flow, 3 temperature control settings. (390/405/420F degrees), a plastic magnetic mouthpiece, and a glass magnetic mouthpiece. It's a true convection dry herb vaporizer Pure ceramic heating chamber 30 Sec. heat time. Increased air flow, 3 temperature control settings. tend to keep it on the lowest setting and wait 30 second before inhaling. I find that method gets me more puffs in my med sesh than if I left it on high. It should be noted that vaping comes on totally different that just smoking. It creeps up on you and tends to last longer. For all your Sesh gear needs go here.....

Next up we have "The blunt ring" I personally don't smoke blunts so I call it, "the joint ring" .

This simple piece of silicone fits around your finger, in order to hold your joint or blunt. You can get them most anywhere online, in an array of different colors! Its wonderful for people with dexterity issues or paresthesia. Looking out for joint rings coming soon in the Rollin' Stoned™ Shop!

Later, Dudes!🤟🏼

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