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Larry and the Scoopheads!!!

Hey dudes!!! ✌ Today we get an Interview AND a disability friendly product all in one!! With the magical med accessory that is Scoopheads designed by Larry Olivier. We came across this accessible med tool by a fellow paitient and we were sold instantly. 1. It's totally afforable and fun. 2. We are FOREVER looking for tools to help you pack your medicine with. So, Let's kick off this interview...

A&A: Hey Larry!!! So how did this Scoophead idea come to you?

LO: The idea for a perfect little ergonomic scoop came to me when I started using cannabis on the regular about 5 years ago. I bought a grinder, loved the nice fresh ground-material for rolling and packing that it provided me... much better than breaking it up with my fingers but, no scoop. I automatically started making little personal scoopers out of foil whenever I needed one it made them small enough to fit inside the grinder. I soon had a collection of  little spatulas and shovels like little charms you wear on a bracelet... That's basically how scoopheads started.

A&A: Awesome!!! Would you mind introducing yourself and how you discovered cannabis?

LO: My name is Larry I make scoop heads little scoops then I grew up in the '60s when marijuana wasn't so easy to get. I do remember my first introduction to marijuana. It was on a city bus ride to Canobie Lake Park back in 1970.  There was an older hippie-looking kid with a shoelace tied around his head who lit up a joint in the back of the bus. I remember the smoke looked blue streaming off the tip of the joint roll thru the panel of sunlight beaming into the bus... An image I've never forgotten and we smoked the whole joint on that ride to Canobie lake Park.

A&A: That's Epic! What is a scoophead?

LO: A scoophead is a specialized device \ tool specifically designed to assist and improve your precision balance and control of scoop and transfer. The ez-,pinch ergonomic, form and function shape enhances fine motor skills and dexterity adapting to your personal signature hand dynamics when scooping.

A&A: For this reason SH has very quickly become one our favorite med accessory. Which scoophead is your favorite?

LO: I love every little scoop I make but I will say the the  2.5" grinder size little scoop with the blockhead shovel shape is my favorite. It scoops generous amount of ground-material and it's small enough to fit inside your grinder.

Who knew something so simple could so effective and awesome!! Keep up the great work, Larry. For all you Scoophead needs go here.....

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