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Origin Story: Print Puff Pass

Hey dudes! Today we get to talk to one of our Rollin' Stoned Partners and family members, Print Puff Pass. This amazing company has followed us and showed us support from the very beginning. PPP is AKA Carlos and his story would make Clark Kent proud!

A&A : Hey Carlos....Introduce yourself....

CT: My name is Carlos, I'm 23, and I own and operate a manufacturing company that encompasses several brands. Among our manufacturing methods, we specialize in additive manufacturing. Before that, I attended University studying Finance and Computer Science. 

A&A: That's so impressive considering your age....What to do prior to PPP?

CT: Prior to additive manufacturing, ceramics was my creative outlet. Through most of high school I created ceramics on the wheel and even dabbled with water pipes, ha! During University is where I started to learn CAD and started implementing 3D printing to produce a variety of items- from knick knacks to functional prototypes for people's products.

A&A What's your favorite piece that you make?

CT: My favorite item that we list for Print Puff Pass is our Standard LAB Kit- in Purple. I think it has the best balance of price, form, and function!

A&A: We agree. We have your Trekker unit and the LAB KIT is our favorite by far.

How did you first discover cannabis?

CT: I first started using cannabis at around 16. At the age of 12 I had a stage IV brain tumor that was successfully (medical history!) operated on and mostly removed. In its wake were crushing migraines that were very difficult to deal with- all things considered my outcome was excellent. I started experimenting with cannabis recreationally, but found the medicinal benefits to be effective! I've been using it since.

A&A: That is truly is an amazing story my friend! How is PPP currently handling the pandemic?

CT: In house, we have reduced (paid leave) the number of staff working in an attempt to cut down on foot traffic. Additionally, we are monitoring employees and constantly cleaning/sanitizing our facility in an effort to keep our staff healthy, products clean, and customers happy. We have also designed our own full face visor and are producing/donating visors locally and abroad to first-responders and health care workers in need. While we can't be on the front lines, we can at least lend a hand to those who are. For all your PPP needs go to or go to main page under favorites. With the code "rollin" you save 10% all PPP purchases! Later, dudes!!

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