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Draven slays chronic pain with CBD and Edibles!!!

Hey dudes! Today we get interview a true slayer in the disablility world, Draven Corday! Draven and I have known each other for a number years and we actually bonded over our intense love of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

Is there any other way to bond?!.... Needless to say I was stoked when she moved to LA. And it's been even more awesome to witness her journey with cannabis....Without further Adieu...

A&A: Introduce yourself, dude....

DC: Draven Corday, 38, Freelance- tour merch assistant, fundraising, PR for graphic novel Vampire Mob, ADA & CELA activist.

A&A: Total badass. What's your disability?

DC: Born with mild spastic diplegic lower extremities Cerebral Palsy sustained a incomplete C5-C7 SCI due to being hit another car at a stop sign due to a distracted driver due to texting.

A&A: How it effects you?

DC: Most severely chronic pain

A&A: When did you first discover cannabis?

DC: Recreational at 14 medically once i moved to California & discovered more effective & targeted strains & other means of administering chocolate bars, CBD isolate. Favorite/preferred marijuana strains: Skywalker, deadhead, blue dream, white widow, andj ack herer. As far as edibles, i really enjoy kiva bars

especially peppermint bark, molly ranchers.

I've yet to find an effective topical to soothe pain especially without menthol. 

A&A: First off, KIVA is a great edible brand. Good call. I love their Camino Gummies. And second Papa & Barley make some AMAZING pain reliving reliving topicals. Make sure you check them under our favorite meds on our main page!!! How does cannabis help you?

DC: Sadly everyone had told me oh weed will take away pain 100%, unfortunately for me it does not. However CBD isolate works fairly significantly to dull the pain & allows me to focus on other things & lead a fuller active life.

  Indica products especially kiva bars helps me sleep amazingly because ive battled insomnia. Being able to obtain quality restful sleep allows me to have better days.

A&A: We love the Dank Dabber. Also, under our favorite meds. I think it's important that you mentioned that cannabis is NOT A CURE ALL. But, it does help. And sometimes you need all the help you can get. How are you currently dealing with the pandemic?

DC: Occasionally it causes me anxiety to spike but I'm excited to see what the new normal will be once it stabilizes. Some things are more of a struggle & expenses have gone up to have groceries delivered.  But luckily i can place CBD isolate & gel caps online thru Dankdabber (but annoyingly my mail is not allowed to be delivered to my building so mail & orders are only distributed on fridays)  & even before the pandemic i discovered a delivery only marijuana business providing flower, cartridges, wax, edibles etc. 

A&A: Buddha Bless medical cannabis delivery! It's really the best access option for paitients with disabilities. Especially now. For people struggling with your diagnosis, what's something you want them to know?

DC: This may have not been the path we planned & having that life fall apart can definitely be heartbreaking, unfair & traumatizing but sometimes the previous life has to be let go of to accept the new path that's waiting & once through the darkness there just may be a brighter path waiting that would have otherwise never been discovered.

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