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Dankbudsss only! The Aliyah White Story!

Hey dudes! 🤙🏼 We hope all is well with all our readers and that you continue to stay and healthy. Health is the new wealth, that's for sure. Sometimes Amanda and I wouldn't even have health to speak of without medical cannabis. Which is why we started this platform 2 years ago on Instagram. And one of the first accounts we noticed and loved was an account called @Dankbudsss. The dank buds are sisters, and today we are interviewing one of them! Aliyah White, a 21 year cannabis warrior out of Los Angeles. Medicating is as important to Aliyah's health, as it is to ours. So, without further adieu ... Introduce yourself and tells us your disabilities!

Image Description: Below and to the right, is the a picture of Aliyah, smiling. She is a black woman, with medium length, black, curly hair. She is wearing a white shirt and you can see black backpack straps on her shoulders.

AW: I’m Aliyah White and I’m 21 years old. I was diagnosed with a variety of chronic illnesses such as, Gastroparesis, Lupus, Pseudotumor, Autonomic Dysfunction, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. My life was completely normal until one day in 2012, I woke up with a terrible headache that hasn’t gone away since. My condition left me bedridden for months forcing me to drop out of school in 8th grade, as well as, leaving all of my extra curricular activities. After 2 painful years I was introduced to, Charlotte's Web, a low THC marijuana strain. This helped my symptoms for about a year and a half. I progressively got worse and, in turn, needed stronger strains. I did tons of research into what strains would help with nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

A&A: We've known first hand the struggles you go through every single day. Which is why we are over the moon that you took the time to share your story and devote your time to cannabis. Your parents are especially cool enough to get cannabis for your for so many years. How does cannabis help you?

AW: About a year ago I suddenly took a turn for the worst and was unable to keep any food or liquids down. My appetite was pretty much nonexistent as well. My weight dropped dramatically losing 60 pounds in only a few months. The only thing that allowed me to eat was a mixture of cannabis and daily IV infusions from home. Even to this day before and after meals I need to smoke in order to eat and keep my food down.

Image Description: To the left is Aliyah standing behind/with her cannabis plant.

A&A: That really is scary. We're really so glad you have a good support system as well as cannabis. You look perfectly fine but in fact you are very high risk and require nursing too. How have you been handling the pandemic?

AW: Currently due to my autoimmune issues I have been on lockdown in my home. Typically the only people who come are my in home nurses. But, unfortunately one was just diagnosed with COVID-19. My family has been tested and lucky we all came back negative but we still are on high alert.

A&A: We're so relieved that everyone in your house is safe. But, people need to realize not taking precautions or wearing PPE can mean life or death for many people with disabilities and or illnesses. Our lives matter. Mask up, dudes! For anyone struggling with your illnesses what something you want them to know?

Image Description: To the left is a mirror selfie of Aliyah in a hospital bathroom. She has medium length, black, curly hair and a mask on. She is wearing a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. She is holding up a peace sign.

AW: My advice for anyone who is chronically ill is that we must see the glass half full and not empty. We are worthy of living how we want to despite the circumstances we’ve been dealt.

Heck yes we do! We love you, Aliyah! Till next time! Be good, dudes! ✌🏼

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