Dankbudsss only! The Aliyah White Story!

Hey dudes! 🤙🏼 We hope all is well with all our readers and that you continue to stay and healthy. Health is the new wealth, that's for sure. Sometimes Amanda and I wouldn't even have health to speak of without medical cannabis. Which is why we started this platform 2 years ago on Instagram. And one of the first accounts we noticed and loved was an account called @Dankbudsss. The dank buds are sisters, and today we are interviewing one of them! Aliyah White, a 21 year cannabis warrior out of Los Angeles. Medicating is as important to Aliyah's health, as it is to ours. So, without further adieu ... Introduce yourself and tells us your disabilities!

Image Description: Below and to the right, is the a picture of Aliyah, smiling. She is a black woman, with medium length, black, curly h