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This is the ways....Zack and Cannabis!

Hey dudes! It's been a while since we've hit you up with a patient blog story.. One of the most interesting things about running an Instagram page, @rollin.__.stoned is you never know who is following you and why?

A few months back I met Zack and I just thought he was very supportive. He's always one of the first to like our content. Soon enough I found that Zack is part of the LGBTQ community and is HIV positive and he uses cannabis to help with his diagnoses.

In the early decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, especially before the advent of modern treatment, people living with the virus often turned to marijuana for its health benefits. Pot could help them manage nausea and hold down food or simply relax. Problem was, marijuana was illegal. And so a number of AIDS pioneers fought to legalize medical marijuana. Its people like Zack that you can thank for the entire cannabis industry now. Without further adieu here's his story....

A&A....Hey Zack, Great to have you! Tell us about you!

ZW: My name is zackariah but go by Zack for short Some of my hobbies are listening to music, writing, doing youtube videos and so much more and I am currently not working. On disability A&A: What’s your disability?

ZW: I am HIV Positive

A&A: How does your disability affect you?

ZW:I have to cautious about making sure that I’m keeping my immune system up because if not I can get sick way easier then most people it could be just a simple cold and last like couple days for others but for me it could turn into a week to two weeks of being sick. It kinda holds me back in certain things .

A&A: Which is why it's so important to take your masked precautions for anyone reading this,

When did you discover Cannabis?

ZW: I discovered cannabis when I have 16 years old but didn’t fully start smoking cannabis until I was 18 years old A&A: How does it help you?

ZW: It helps me with my anxiety and helps with my insomnia. Over all it’s a great medicine A&A: What’s something you want somebody to know who is newly diagnosed with HIV?

ZW:I would say that your status doesn’t have you that you have it . Just enjoy life and just because you are positive doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence.

Amen!!!! Check out Zack's Youtube channel... Zack_ways_11 There he talks about everything from Pride to CBD and BLM! Way to be a positive influence on others, Zack! Till next time dudes!

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