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Disability Friendly Product....OTTO

Today we learn about one of our favorite Disability Friendly Cannabis products. Because let’s face it, when you don’t feel good you want to be able to do so quickly and easily. In order to medicate with flowers, let’s say for a joint. You need a metal grinder to make your bud “smokable” so to speak. However, what if your disability or illness affected your hands? Making a joint would be next to impossible. Enter the OTTO by the amazing Banana Brothers...

“A smart motorized grinder: an all-in-one cone making device that elevates the cannabis experience through ease of use and smart technology. OTTO grinds and mills buds to uniform perfection and neatly fills Banana Bros. premium raw fiber cones in just seconds. No mess, no wasted herb — in a word, it’s a game-changer. OTTO works with all types of herb: wet, dry, sticky, big, or small. Unlike traditional hand grinders that can unevenly crush buds and get jammed, OTTO’s smart milling system senses resistance to the milling blades and adjusts appropriately, resulting in an evenly processed herb with superior flavor and consistency. Users can now enjoy a better tasting, even-burning cone, whether you're new to the industry or veteran. The patent-protected technology allows you to enjoy life, one puff at a time, and brings a new level of simplicity you never knew you needed--until you try it!” I use mine almost every day! And its worth every banana you have!

You can buy one here


Soon, you will be on your way to taking it easy!

Later Dudes!

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