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Michael Domecq and the magic of Caliash!!

Hey Dudes!!! ✌ Today we get to sit in with one of favorite med makers, Michael Domecq! Michael and Rollin' Stoned™ instantly hit it off over Instagram and hash!!!! In fact, when the lockdown order was put in place, Michael came straight to our house to supply us with meds until delivery services were put in place for patients. That's some genuine Compassionate care....


A&A: Hey Michael Introduce yourself?

MD: Michael Francis Domecq Peck, 37 years old. I grew up in Spain, worked a few years in asset management in London after I graduated from University and moved to CA about 11 years ago. Since then, I’ve been in the cannabis industry full time. What that used to mean exactly has changed a lot over the years but primarily COLD WATER SOLVENTLESS EXTRACTION and brokering. I had a number of gardens in northern California over the years but most recently I settled in Los Angeles to focus full time one CALIHASH. 

A&A: We're so glad you chose hash full time! What did you first discover cannabis?


MD: As a kid in Spain hash is everywhere. It was all hash from the guys in the square and parks. My older brother also helped introduce me to cannabis and more specifically, hash. 

A&A:When did you realize you wanted a career in cannabis?

MD: Once I quit asset management I knew this is what I wanted to do full time. I just didn’t have the accessibility in Europe as I would in the U.S. So, I moved immediately from London to Sonoma to pursue this new venture. 

A&A: Why hash?

MD: Hash because it cuts out the chlorophyll and plant fiber which doesn’t add much in terms of effect when smoking so it reduces the carcinogens and increase affectivity. Moreover, the cannabinoids (primarily) CBN are only produced by oxidation of other cannabinoids and a that happens naturally during the hash curing process. CBN is responsible for sedative anesthetic effects. 

A&A: Do you have any cool stories of how you've helped others?


MD: Just your story. I’m too shy to boast about something like that. I hope we help everyday by offering an affordable cannabis product that is extremely effective. 

A&A: You're defintley allowed to brag. I can't tell how grateful we are as paitients that your medicine is safe, effective and AFFORDABLE. What's next for CaliHash?

MD: We are really trying to educate consumers on hash, how to consume it and its overall benefits. We have not forgotten about the market that does not like to smoke and we are launching a new brand in a few weeks called HashLab,offering a more holistic approach to hash products. Leveraging our cold-water extraction methods, our first line of products will be a selection of tinctures using a formula that is unique and proprietary to us. The majority of existing tinctures on the market are alcohol-based but HashLab products will be made solely of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) and hash. To begin with, we will be launching three infused MCT oil cannabis tinctures which are full spectrum products including a day formula, a night formula and a pure formula. 

A&A: Dude! We can't wait to try the oil!!! How are you currently dealing with the pandemic?

MD: Extra measures at the lab to ensure the safety of our employees and manufacturing process. We are so happy that they're med men out there that truly care, like you!

Request CaliHash today at your dispensary. Later, dudes!!! 🤟🏼

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