A Spicy Jillypeppa!

Hey Dudes! ✌ As some of you know, we were gifted a power wheelchair from Jillian Mercado, not too long ago. Alice has gone to corner store and Amanda has made scones and peach cobbler, so far in the chair. Let's just say we traded her for an interview. Introduce yourself, girl!

JM: Jillian Mercado 33 and I'm a model, actress, and advocate (to things but not limited to disability, women, lgbtq+, immigration, animal rights). Started modeling officially about 6 years ago or so. Did many ads, editorials, commercials and got my first acting gig on Showtimes The L Word GenQ playing Maribel.

**Image description: Above is Jillian in front of a purple background. There are large purple disco balls. She is wearing a light blue sequined top. Her hair is a shiny blue/grey.

A&A: An activist! We knew we liked you. We loved you in The L Word GenQ. Our only complaint is there wasn't more of you! What is your disability, and how does it affect you?