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3C farms; GM Matt Livermore talks meds and good Valley deeds!

Hey Dudes! Today we get to sit down with Matt Livermore, GM to the infamous 3cfarms! This epic team of med men deliver some of the most amazing indoor flower we've ever had, not 20 minutes from our house in Canoga Park CA. I'm very partial to sun grown cannabis and it's medical benefits. And that's probably because sun grown is not as high in THC but rather high in terpenes. Which is a compound found in cannabis buds, that gives it it scent. Indoor flower is usually too much for me depending. But, not 3C Farms. They truly have perfected the art of Indoor medicine....

A&A: What's up, Matt! Introduce yourself....

ML: My name is Matt Livermore. I am 52 and I’m General Manager and Sales Manager for 3C Farms!!!!

A&A: We're stoked that you made time for us today! Can you tell us when you first discovered cannabis?   ML: I was 14 and became friends with a kid that liked to smoke.

A&A: What were you doing before Cannabis?

ML: I had been in finance for 15 years and that business just wasn’t fulfilling and too cyclical. I got introduced to the Cannabis business in 2008 through a friend. It was so different than what I knew and I could see a future both financially and fulfilling.

A&A: How did 3C farms come to fruition?

ML: Our Co CEOs/General Partners met on a golf course. One had a growing background and the other business. They both knew the future was Cannabis. They purchased a license and a building and our first retail storefront was opened in Canoga Park in 2014. The brand 3C Farms was officially launched in July 2019. Right when we opened our fully vertical facility. Now we had the amount of product we needed to get wholesale accounts.

A&A: Do you have any awesome stories of people you've helped through Cannabis?

ML: One story was an Ex Military Special Forces gentlemen who served in Afghanistan. He had been suffering from severe PTSD.

He was hooked on Opiates and was going down a terrible path. He came into our shop desperately looking for an alternative way to treat his condition. We gave him some high cbd products such as tinctures, vape and edibles. This was 4 years ago. He has been Opiate free since then. This is just one story. There are so many. The reason this one hits close to home is I belong to a cigar club and he is a member. We have become close friends and he thanks me every time I see him.

A&A: That's amazing!! How's 3C Farms handling the pandemic?

ML: We have passed out face masks along with a few goodies to staff of our partner shops. We have also dropped off bottles of alcohol to help keep things sterile at these shops. We just launched the 3C Farms Kindness Program in the spirit of the Compassionate Care Act.

We will donate 30 pre rolls at no cost to dispensaries all through SoCal. These are for them to distribute to individuals that have been hit the hardest financially by this pandemic. There are no requirements. The response has been great. It’s great to see the Cannabis family pulling together.

A&A: Well, just you know that we as patients consider you guys HEROES! Is there anything you want people to know who are looking into medical cannabis for the first time?

ML: Cannabis isn’t for everybody but for most it’s a better alternative to alcohol or Opiates. I suggest getting someone who is knowledgeable who knows how to recommend the proper product. Everyone’s situation is unique. Cannabis is not a cookie cutter product. There are so many different types and having an enjoyable initial experience is everything. The fear of cannabis is just lack of knowledge so do your research.

We couldn't agree more. For more info on 3C Farms please visit our favorite meds feature on our front page. Later, Dudes!

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