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Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis

Hey dudes, Alice Here!

Today we talk about medical marijuana cards vs recreational use. Currently the US has 33 legal medical marijuana states, and 11 legal recreational states. Recreational use means, you don’t have to have a medical reason to medicate. I live in CA and we have both options. Each one of these states has its own laws and restrictions on the matter. In California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, and Oklahoma getting your card can be as easy as applying online through and you can have safe access to cannabis that very same day. Bonus? It’s also affordable. What is the difference?

We all get access to the same amount and quality meds. However, there is one big difference between REC and medical that definitely shows are the tax rates. 32% of what rec users pay will include taxes with a large portion of that going to the city’s Rainy Day Fund. A lot of the recreational taxes are built into the retail price (such as the 15% cultivation tax), so you won’t notice it all outlined on your receipt. What you will see on your receipt for rec users is 18.25% taxes and for medical users it will be 8.25% taxes. And that's a significant number in your budget.

Most people with disabilities and illnesses are on Social Security to supplement their income, and most of us are on very strict budgets. So, that difference in taxes is IMPORTANT. That is why I always recommend going the medical route. Another reason why going this way is preferred is, legalities. Remember Marijuana is illegal federally and it’s always good to cover your bases under the medical umbrella anyhow. To learn more about becoming patient within your state go to for more info!!!

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