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The great Shawn Fluke AKA Live to Roll

Hey dudes!✌ Today we get to interview my buddy Shawn Fluke, founder of the awesome disability network LIVE TO ROLL. We happened to meet Shawn at this years Abilities Expo in LA and we connected instantly!

A&A: What up, dude? Tell us about you!

SF: My name is Shawn Fluke and I'm 37 years old.  I have a YouTube channel as well as an informative website called that I also sell merchandise like hats and t-shirts.

I had a spinal cord injury in January of 2004 that made me a c5-c6 Quadriplegic. The physical effects were a loss of close to 90% of my muscle function. Leaving me with just the use of biceps and some of my shoulders as well as no finger/hand function. At first it was really hard mentally to see that I could still have a good life. I eventually got past the mental part and worked on physically getting stronger to gain independence. I started Live To Roll originally just to show people my unique transfer method but quickly realized I could share more that I'd learned with people that might be struggling so I started making videos on how I do everything in my life living independently. 

A&A: How did you discover Cannabis?

SF: I originally got into cannabis before my injury, when I was 18, but it was more recreational for an 18 year old snowboarder lol. After my injury when I was getting out of rehab, I was on so many muscle relaxers and opiate pain killers that I was in a brain fog and hated it! I started smoking more and saw that it took the place of both pain killers and muscle relaxers plus kept me out of the brain fog so, it became my go to medication.

A&A: How does Cannabis help you?

SF: Cannabis relieves my neck and joint pain so I don't need opiates as well as relaxers my muscle spasms and doesn't make me feel like a zombie for the day. And at night I eat an edible to keep my spasms regulated through the night because edibles have a very relaxing effect on my body plus last longer than smoking. I also use CBD oil and even grind up hemp seed in my protein shakes! 

A&A: How are you handling this pandemic?

SF: Right now with the pandemic and staying quarantined, I'm doing ok with trying to keep myself busy working on videos and my website and keeping my mind occupied with puzzle games, family and good shows.  I usually visit hospitals and rehab centers for support groups and to visit newly injured people but I've been able to use Zoom, Skype and Facetime to keep in touch with some people I've met. Zoom group chats have definitely been nice because I like to be social.. Sometimes lol.

A&A: Is there anything you want to say to anybody reading this who may be struggling with your diagnosis?

SF: For people with a physical disability and especially people just injured with a SCI that feel lost with nobody to talk to, just try to hang in there and set little goals every day. I always tell people just take baby steps in recovery, setting too large of goals might take a while and be discouraging so small goals and keep a journal of daily progress to look back on. It's easy to think your stuck but looking back might remind you that you're making gains. Never Stop Pushing! 

We love this guy!

Later Dudes! 🤟🏼

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