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Leslie B and cannabis=Tough as nails

Hey Dudes!! ✌ Today we get to interview someone whom we greatly admire in strength and positivity....Meet RS family member, Leslie. We first heard about this kick ass warrior from Sir We instantly hit it off on Instagram. Her light is fucking strong and awe inspiring. She has been living with advanced Ovarian cancer for 5 years. Cannabis and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) play a big roll in her continuing to thrive. Without further adieu ... Introduce yourself, homie!!

LB: I'm Leslie (lb). 36. Disabled. Terminal ovarian cancer. Adrenal insufficiency. Add. Ptsd. Anxiety. 

A&A How does it effect you?

 LB: Extreme tiredness.  Nausea.  Lack of wanting to eat. Pain. Stomach issues. Hydration issues.   

A&A: When did you first discover cannabis?

LB:When I was in middle school. But stopped for years till I was diagnosed.  

A&A: How does it help you?

LB: Allows me to sleep, eat, and be able to manage my pain. Helps me get through chemo.  

A&A: How you currently dealing with the pandemic?  

LB: Kinda used to being isolated with having cancer and no immune system.  But, it has made it that much harder to get out and live life. 

A&A: It's been hard on all of us.

But, I think you are one shining example of a good reason to stay home, and/or use personal protections until it is deemed safe. For someone who could struggling with your diagnosis, what something you want them to know?

LB: Don’t give up and being positive is 80 percent of the battle.  They told me 18 months to live with chemo and, well, it’s been 5 years.  It hasn’t been easy and I have damage to my body but being alive is priceless. So we fight on.  

Follow Leslie on Instagram @lesliebak47. Later, dudes. 🤟🏼

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