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Ladies and Gents, Max Sorg.

Hey Dudes! Here is an interview from Actor, Musician, and childhood cancer survivor, Max Sorg! Alice and Max have been friends since they were kids!

Just want you guys to know, this one has some heavy emotional content, so be prepared!

A&A: We’re excited to interview you, Max. Introduce yourself!

MAX: My name is Maxwell Sorg. I'm 25 years old. I'm a musician, actor, voice actor and audio engineer in training. I studied at the musicians Institute in Hollywood California, and in my time off I like to read/listen to audiobooks, exercise, play video games, and hang out with my girlfriend and my slightly fat cat.

A&A: The cutest of fat cats. So, tell us, what is your disability?

MAX: Well, I survived Stomach Cancer when I was younger, and even though it was only a short battle, I suffered pretty bad anxiety and depression after. It feels odd to call it a disability since it's not physical, but I feel there's a stigma regarding mental illness that I'm still trying to shake off. I've suffered really bad mood swings, and I've questioned why I've survived. It’s pretty heavy stuff, especially for a 12-year-old.

A&A: Very heavy. But, we also think you’re very brave to talk about such an issue. Can you tell us your story of meeting Robin Williams during your cancer treatment?

MAX: The Robin Williams story is my absolute favorite. When I was going through my

struggle my mom submitted my story to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I qualified, and I remember them asking me what I wanted to remember I request to meet Lance Armstrong Armstrong had been a hero of mine someone who had dealt with three kinds of cancer the low chance of survival came out the other side. I saw his story is inspiring. I had his book and it partly got me through my own treatment. however that didn't work out because he was training for the seventh Tour de France at the time. So my second and the much better choice was Robin Williams. at his night at the Met album, I didn't get everything a lot of his comedy was over my head at 11 but he made me laugh. I watched every movie with Robin Williams is stand-up comedy in Good morning Vietnam two of my favorites even then.

So October 15th, 2006 I skipped school and a limo picked us up at our house take us to Cafe Pescador in San Francisco. we get taken in the back of the sectioned-off part of the cafe, and Robin walks in wearing a blue Powder shirt and dark pants. He looked exactly like he does in the movies; the difference being his eyes. They sparkled with whit, were piercingly blue, and intelligent. Turns out he was just as nervous to meet us that once he warmed up is William isms came out. iIt was the day before my birthday and just talking with him was present enough. But, he showed up with presents and hats and signed headshots. etc.

MAX: I was terribly upset when he died I wanted him to know how much that meant to me, and how much hope it gave me at the time.

A&A: I think it’s safe to say he’s always watching over you.

A&A: What’s your history with medical Marijuana?

MAX: My history with weed is a little turbulent I first tried it when I was 18. I medicated with way too much and I hated it. I tried it again and a party when I was 21 and had a great time. A lot of my insecurities spell away and I just felt more relaxed. I got my card when I was 22 but then I became a crutch for me in college, and it wasn't helping my anxiety. It only got worse until my girlfriend suggested therapy. Then I started to go to Music School.

Then it suddenly clicked for me, and I started enjoying weed in a therapeutic sense instead of weed being the only thing I had to fill my day. Now, I even use it when I play music.

A&A: That’s awesome that you were able to figure all that out with your support system. Knowing your limits is key.

A&A: So, how has quarantine been treating you?

MAX: Me personally.  It's been frustrating.  Mostly because nothing has changed for me.  I have a job at Starbucks which is seen as "essential".  So, I've been working and following protocol.  Meanwhile, I've got a new band, so I've been working on music.  But, I find myself getting frustrated, because outside of work there's no release.  You can't go to a bar, no hiking, and grocery shopping is even more of a chore.  It sucks in a number of ways.  But, I also know that it is helping other people.

A&A: We agree. It's really tough, but if we flatten the curve, this will all be over ASAP.

That's all we have for Max this time around! Thanks for reading!

Later Dudes!✌

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