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It's Time for Tea with Sir Cannabis!

Hey dudes! ✌ I'm sure a few of you have heard of Sir Cannabis Apparel. Well, we were lucky enough to get an interview with him. Introduce yourself, bro!

CHRIS: Chris Voag, 26, and Owner of three brands. Sir and Lady Cannabis Apparel, Mrs. Cannabis Clothing, Keystone Kush Clothing, and I work part time as a product specialist at a local dispensary.

*Image description: Chris, with a backwards cap, standing next to George Lopez pretending to smoke a joint

A&A: DANG. We have met some busy people lately! How old were you when you first discovered cannabis?

CV: 17. Ater a football game. A guy tried to take out my knee on a play and it hurt immediately after the game. Mind you, I never used cannabis before and didn’t want to take pills. So my QB and other friend told me to try cannabis and that was the magical moment I was turned on to cannabis.

*Image description: Blonde nerd from The Breakfast Club, wearing black sunglasses and a green sweater. He smoking cannabis.

A&A: When did you realize that it’s what you wanted to do?

CV: During chemo I spent a lot of time thinking and I knew if I made it out I was going to do something great to help others like me who have gained a better quality, and boom sir cannabis was born. Two years after him, lady cannabis was born as a female counterpart.

*Image description: Chris on the news being interviewed about his company.

A&A: Wow, that really is amazing. How did SC come to pass? CV: I really didn’t seem any brands at the time were trying to help end to stigma, and just pushed typical stoner apparel. I wanted to create both a male and female character to help explain to people, thousands of people in this country and beyond have gained a better quality of life through medical cannabis A&A: Without cannabis, Alice would be in pain 24/7 and sleepy. Amanda would be in bed all day. Do you have any great stories of people you’ve helped? CV: Highlights were donating where I could at times and helping others through their struggle. I don’t like naming names. The story of Danny Lions really touched my heart and allowed me to really empathize with someone who can’t communicate properly and showed me just how much cannabis can help those with autism! The story of my friend Leslie Baker is an amazing one too. This strong woman has been doing chemo for years now, as she battles terminal ovarian cancer. A&A: We know of Danny and we know LB very well! Both amazing humans.

What stuff are you doing during this time of quarantine to help others? Also, if there’s any patients out there looking to try cannabis for the first time but are scared what would you say to them?

CV: Go low and slow try a 1:1 cbd THC ratio flower don’t dive in too fast you don’t want to overwhelm yourself

Okay, so not like that pup! Lol.

*Image description: A Belgian Malinois, tongue hanging out, in a field of cannabis.

Check Chris out on Instagram @sirandladycannabisapparel and online at

Later, dudes! 🤟🏼

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