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It's Charlotte Figi Time!!!!

“Charlotte Figi, a child with a catastrophic type of epilepsy who went on to inspire a CBD movement, passed away Tuesday at age 13.” This way the horrible headline we woke up to this month on April 7th. She was considered a likely “Covid” case even though her mother said she tested negative. Like all cannabis patients that came before and after Charlie, I was devastated. This headline was too short to do her and her amazing family justice so we thought we’d give it a shot. Charlotte and her twin sister Chase, were born on October 18th, 2006 in Colorado. ‘She had her first major seizure at three years old and was subsequently diagnosed with the rare and life-threatening seizure disorder known as Dravet syndrome. She was prescribed a variety of pharmaceuticals, but nothing seemed to work. Her seizures were constant and long-lasting. She was placed in hospice at age five.” All seemed pretty bleak…..ENTER PAIGE FIGI TO THE RESCUE…..

Charlie’s super mom refused to give up and started to do her research. She eventually came across a brazilian study on seizures and cannabidiol. More commonly known as CBD. At this point in time CBD was rarely discussed. But, fate couldn't stop the figi family as they were about to meet another family….The Stanley Brothers. An actual family of seven brothers who ”got their start in marijuana when they began researching alternative cancer treatments after their uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008.” ENTER JOEL STANLEY TO THE RESCUE!

In 2011, he approached Paige Figi “They worked together to create a high-CBD, low-THC strain—when Paige administered the resulting oil, Charlotte went from having 300 seizures a week to a few episodes a month. It was a dramatic improvement that no one had anticipated. They called it, CHARLOTTE’S WEB. Paige became an advocate for not only her own daughter, but for other children suffering from intractable epilepsy.” Charlotte, in addition to finding relief from her seizures, became the poster child of CBD and was featured in pro-cannabis documentaries and in our own Female 50 issue of High Times this past November.” CBD is now a household name and you can get just about everywhere. All thanks to two families who refused to see anymore losses and had everything to gain.

It has been said that Charlie died of a seizure that caused cardiac arrest. While this is a devastating blow for us all, I find comfort in her own story. Here’s a girl who probably would’ve died at the age of 5. Her family would’ve never really gotten to know “Charlie” or “meatball”. But, they did get to know her...we all did. Cannabis made that possible. I also have a seizure disorder that can easily overwhelm me without the help of cannabis. I was able to get married and continue to be a driving force. Without cannabis, none of this would be possible. So, in honor of Charlotte Figi and the amazing Figi family, we run RollinStoned as a way to keep telling stories of healing and L-I-V-I-N-G. This one is for all the kids who found healing because of you. This one's for you, Meatball!

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