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Interview with Eva Sweeney

Hey dudes! Welcome to our very first interview post on Rollin' Stoned™! Let's not mess around, and get right to it! 🤟🏼

A&A: Hi Eva! How are you coping in quarantine? How is it affecting you personally?

Eva: I would consider myself lucky, as I work from home, so that’s not different. But I had to scale back my aides. Normally I have a full time aid and 4 part time aides. But to minimize the risk of exposure, I had to cut down to 1 full time aide and 1 part time aide. I really hate that because, I know my part time aides rely on this work. As things continue to calm down I’m hoping to return my staff in the next few weeks.

Also, on a more personal note, my partner lives out of state, so not being able to see hir* has been really difficult. Again, hopefully in the next few weeks, it will be safe for hir to drive up.

*A combined form of the devices 'his' and 'her' with the similar usage in referring to a subject (or possessive, attributive) of both, either, or neither gender.

A&A: Onto a more "interview-y" question! What is your name, disability, and what you do?

Eva: Hello, my name is Eva Sweeney, I am a queer Sex and Disability educator, I run Cripping Up Sex with Eva, and I have Cerebral Palsy. I’m also nonverbal.

A&A: Maybe you can explain how and why you got into being a sex therapist?

Eva: I became a sex educator because when I was 19, I couldn’t find any helpful information. So, through a lot of trial and error, I created a handbook called Queers on Wheels, which talks about how to find sex-positive and queer-friendly aides, how to talk to your partner about your disability, how to adapt sex toys, and how to masturbate if you need assistance. Through this book, I traveled the country giving workshops on sex and disability. I still give workshops both in-person and online. And I have two blogs; a sex toy review blog, and an anonymous Q & A blog.

A&A: How does your disability affect you?

Eva: I use a wheelchair to get around and because I am nonverbal I use a letter board to communicate. I also hire assistants to help with my daily life. Also because of my spasticity, I have chronic pain in all of my joints.

A&A: When did you first discover marijuana?

Eva: I was in college and just doing it for fun. Then I realized how much it helps me manage my CP.

A&A: How does it help you?

Eva: It reduces my pain and spasticity. Now I use a CBD oral spray every night to help me sleep and I get about 4 hours of deep sleep without needing to be adjusted. Before I would only get about 2 hours before I needed to be readjusted.

A&A: What is your favorite way to medicate (feel free to demonstrate if you’re comfortable!)

Eva: This new oral spray is my favorite. It is super easy. Someone just needs to spray it into my mouth and I am good.

A&A: Is there anything you’d want to share with someone who goes through similar struggles as you?

Eva: Most doctors don’t think CP causes pain because as kids we generally don’t have as much pain, but after years of spasticity, it takes a toll on your body. Also, most doctors know next to nothing about adults with Cerebral Palsy. So, if your doctor discounts your pain, know there are alternatives to help manage your pain. Also, it does not have to be marijuana, OR Prescribed medication, I personally use both as a part of my pain management. They do different things so it is helpful to have both options.

So, that's Eva Sweeney. Let us tell you, she is HILARIOUS and her smile is contagious. She is an open book, so if you ever want or need to get in contact with her, hit up her website!

Later, dudes!

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