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Hashybawlz, Calihash and compassionate care!!

Hey dudes! ✌ Today we get to sit in with a real hashish medicine man, Marshall "@hashybawlz". What's hashish?

Hash is a cannabis concentrate product composed of compressed or purified preparations of the resinous glands of the a marijuana plant. These glands are called trichomes, and they make the plant very sticky. The resin contains ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and other cannabinoids—but often in higher concentrations than the unsifted or unprocessed cannabis flower. Hash is said to relieve migraine headaches, Stop the advancement of glaucoma, Control spasticity from multiple sclerosis, (MS) and paralysis. Alleviate nausea and pain associated with cancer chemotherapy treatments. Also helps in other cases of severe nausea, block epileptic seizures. It Helps emphysema patients to breathe better, increasing their oxygen transfer. Relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and helps other chronic pain diseases, Helps in anorexia nervosa and other loss of appetite diseases. It also works as a back spasm medicine; Hashish is the best relaxant of muscles short of morphine. We got introduced to it by a company named Calihash.

They specialize in bubble hash which, is a form of extraction using cold water, no additives. ITS AMAZING! CaliHash has always been supportive of RS™ and when the stay at home order was put in place, Michael and Marshall stepped in to supply us with medicine whenever we need it!

A&A: Hey Hashybawlz!!! Introduce Yo'self.

MM: My Name Is Marshall, I am 30 yrs old and I am a Hash maker / Mechanic / Construction worker!

A&A: Gotta love a true Renaissance man! When did you first discover cannabis?

MM :I First Discovered Cannabis At a Very Young Age, Due to The Fact My Family Has Always Been Familiar With The Field Since The Early 90s. They Used To Make Bubble hash at home And The Process Always Had Me Interested I Didn’t Get Into The Hash Making Myself Until I Was  About 18!

A&A: We think it's so cool that you were practically born it in. Especially in LA at a time with marijuana was highly persecuted! Much respect for knowing hash's healing benefits and sticking with it. When Did you join Calihash?

MM: I Joined Calihash In January. It's Only Been A Few Months For Me With This Company.

A&A Why Hash?

MM: Hash has always been around me due to my family being in this cannabis field since the early 90s. I have always enjoyed this form of concentrated medicine, Wax/rosin/bho is all fairly new. Before that was around we had hash or honey oil as far as concentrates goes. Hash was easier for me to work with, I loved being able to take raw form of hash and pressing it into balls or patties.

Smelling the aroma that came out when working with it, it’s a beautiful medicine that needs to be pushed out there more to the younger generations of cannabis enthusiast users.

A&A: We totally agree, as we feel the average patient nowadays knows very little about this particular medicine.

MM: It's Amazing Being Able To Help Patients With a Medicine They Truly Need, It's Also a Very fun and delicate process that takes a lot of trial and error, it's fun learning new techniques getting pointers from others to dial in your technique.

A&A: We as patients definitely appreciate all you do! Do you have any cool stories of patients you've helped?

MM: Hmmm Cool stories not so much. I Have My Patients Like You That I Do My Best To Take Care Of. You might See It As A cool Story But I just See It As Being There For My People When They Need Me. 😊

A&A: You're being very modest considering we didn't even know you before the pandemic hit. Thank you for being so accessible to us whenever we need medicine. Speaking of which, how are you currently handling the pandemic?

MM: I Am Currently Trying To Be As Safe As Possible In These Times I Do Not Want To Compromise Anyone’s Immune System I May Come In Contact With, So I Always Take The Utmost Precautions When Going Out For Essentials And Trying To Stay Home As Much As I Can!

A&A: Amanda and I are both considered high risk for Covid-19. Again, thank you so much for thinking of others as well as yourself. What's next for you?

MM: Well I'll Be Around For Awhile 😊 So, Let's See What The Future Holds You Never Know When one Door Will Close And Others Will Open.

For more info and Marshall and his medicines catch him on Instagram @hashybawlz.

Later, dudes!! 🤟🏼

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