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Chef Matt and the Wonders of Cooking with Hemp!

Hey dudes!!! ✌ We're so excited to be sitting in today with a true boss in the cannabis culinary world, Chef Matt! Matt uses the wonders of hemp in his DELICIOUS world renowned foods. Cannabinoids such as CBD are fat-soluble, and therefore, as long as they are used in combination with a fat, you can cook with CBD and any other cannabinoid compound.

This applies regardless of if you are using cannabis/hemp flower, a concentrate or a shop-bought CBD oil. The great thing about cooking with CBD oil is that there is no work required to use it as an ingredient. This is because the CBD is already active and suspended in a fat; all you need to do is add it to a recipe!

A&A: What's up Matt?! Introduce yourself?

CM: Matthew (Chef Matt) Stockard, 43, and I’m a Chef that cooks with Cannabis and Cbd. 

I'm widely recognized as the premier chef within the cannabis industry. A true culinary impresario. I have managed 5-star restaurants, won several awards, and I have prepared multi-course meals for top celebrities and professional athletes. As a consummate cannabis and CBD consultant,

I have toured with large CBD business expos and conferences. I also have taught intimate, small group cooking classes. In the end, it’s always about creating exceptional infused meals for people to enjoy whether it's seating for 100 or in your own kitchen.

I also launched my own signature Chef Matt brand, beginning with Hemp Habanero Honey, Hemp Coconut Oil, and Hemp Butter. I also created two non-CBD infused products, Cinnamon Honey and Habanero Honey.

A&A: Damn! We would love to be in your kitchen ANY DAY! That hemp Habanero Honey sounds fire! How did you get into cannabis? CM: I discovered cannabis in the early 90’s. I think I made my first batch of cannabis infused bbq sauce in 1993, for friends at a bbq. 

A&A: Best BBQ party ever! How did you get into cooking with hemp?

CM: I learned it by watching my Uncle who always had a few plants growing. I saw him make a batch of infused bbq sauce and I watched and learned. From there I went on to adding it in everything. 

A&A: We love that your story all started with family. Do you have a favorite thing you love to cook?

CM: I don’t have one favorite thing to cook honestly, I just love cooking. 

A&A: That's awesome that's it's a true passion for you. How have you been handling the pandemic?  

CM: I’ve actually taken this time to catch up on a lot of things like Licensing deals, cookbooks, and developing new products. 

A&A: That's awesome!!! We want all the products! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? CM: In 5 years, I hope to be licensed in every State that is Cannabis friendly. I’d like to be known as one of the top experts in cooking with cannabis and Cbd. 

We have no doubt you will be, my friend! Leave no doubt. For more information on Chef Matt, his brands, recipes, videos, and books head over to You won't be sorry!!!

Later, dudes! 🤟🏼

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