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Accessible Beauté™: It's a Lifestyle.

Hey Dudes! ✌ Alice and Amanda here, back with another awesome interview! We're excited, (obviously, everytime.) so we are just gonna get to it! Introduce yourself, friend!

Shónese: My name is Shónese pronounced (sha-niece), and I am 43 years young! Formerly, I worked in the financial industry for a global investment firm where I assisted the firm’s high value clients in obtaining investment vehicles that suited their individual needs, while ensuring both the firm and clients maintained tax & trade regulation compliance.

Currently, I am building a lifestyle brand & blog. You can find me on IG: @accessiblebeauté and™️ while I pursue my dreams of becoming an attorney.

A&A: Dang! You have been a busy bee! What is your disability?

Shónese: I was born with sickle cell disease (trait. I was classified as low vision after I completely lost my eye sight in one eye & permanent vision loss in the other. The damage done to my body from sickle cell coupled with the injuries and nerve damage from a nearly fatal car accident requires that I rely on mobility aids to ambulate.

A&A: That sounds like a lot to deal with. How does it affect you physically and mentally?

Shónese: I am in constant pain. Chronic pain further complicates my limited mobility & mood. When you add low vision in the mix, with the lasting effects of a category 3 concussion, my ability to perform basic tasks like; cooking, cleaning, reading & writing are extremely difficult or impossible.

A&A: Sounds like a job for, Cannabis! When did you first discover it?

Shónese: I have always known about cannabis, it is deeply rooted in my culture and respected in my community for its health benefits. The first time I ever tried cannabis was in college but, I consistently began medicating in late 2018 at the suggestion of my doctor.

A&A: Ayyye! We like this doctor! Did it help?

Shónese: The benefits I receive from cannabis are vast & still being revealed. Immediately, I experienced pain relief un like any drug that has ever been prescribed. The mental health benefits are amazing, with cannabis I have been able to lessen and better manage my anxiety/panic attacks. I’m more optimistic & creative because of this amazing plant. . Cannabis allows me to perform my rigorous physical therapy routine and rest so that I can recuperate. I have also managed to decrease the amount of glaucoma medication I take with cannabis. This is crucial for me because glaucoma can also cause irreversible vision loss.

A&A: It's sounds like it has been JUST as helpful for you, as it has been for us, and so many others. How are you currently dealing with pandemic?

Shónese: The love and support from family, friends, community, social media relationships and cannabis have been my saving grace during the covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, my health care providers have been a great support system & resource as well.

A&A: Yeah, we have to agree with you there. We have had a lot of the same support. For anyone struggling with your diagnoses, what is something you want them to know?

Shónese: I know it is difficult but finding the right doctors ( I had to kiss a lot of frogs), who are committed to your physical & mental health is half the battle. I would also encourage them if they haven’t, to try cannabis. Really sit down and talk to your doctor & cannabis pharmacist to make a treatment plan that suits their individual needs. I suffered unnecessarily for too long with post concussion syndrome. The moment I began treating with cannabis I became optimistic about my new way of living, learning & seeing.

Lastly, remember that you know your body better than any specialist or test. Learn how to advocate for your physical & mental well being. For the times when you can’t advocate for yourself, train someone you trust. Stay up to date with the laws that govern your area and keep your advocate equipped with everything they need to ensure you receive the care you deserve. Let your voice be heard by sharing your story. The world needs to hear from you, this is crucial to getting the support & treatment we need. You have power, you can help change the world.

Later, dudes! 🤟🏼

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