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Rollin’ Stoned
Your Disability Spin on the Medical Cannabis Community

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This is a safe space to learn, grow, and be yourself. There are no expectations, judgement, or bullies here.



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About Us

Rollin Stoned is an educational cannabis community created by, and for people with disabilities and/or illnesses. It all started when Alice met Amanda in 2013. Alice is an actor  in Southern California with Cerebral Palsy who came into medical cannabis in 2009, after her body started to break down. Amanda was Jr Olympian long distance competitor in 2005, only to be diagnosed with MS 5 years later. When Amanda fell quickly in love with a pot smoking  Alice, 3 years later; she wondered if this magical plant could help her with her myriad of daily MS symptoms. The results were life changing to say the least. We wanted to share our story of surviving and thriving all thanks to a plant. Once we started doing so we quickly realized how much it was needed. So this website is for you! You will learn about disabilities, medicines, disability friendly products and of course, Merch designed by the lovely Amanda herself. Why? Because you gotta rep some Rollin! Have fun, Dudes! And remember, You dont have to move to groove!


Much Love,

Alice, Amanda and the best service dog ever, Marla Pooch!  

About Us
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